Project Somesha joins the world in celebrating International Day of the Girl Child 2021

11.10.2021, Othaya, Nyeri County, Kenya, Project Somesha joins the world in marking International Day of the Girl Child which focuses attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls empowerment and fulfilment of their human rights. This day is very important because it resonates with our mission and vision of supporting the development of young girls in Kenya to independently decide their future through mentorship and provision of menstrual hygiene products.

Numerous individuals and organizations are working tirelessly to ensure that challenges faced by girls are addressed. At Project Somesha, our passion for education fuels our daily efforts to bridge period poverty by assisting young girls who miss school because of something as natural as menstruation.

On this day, we are privileged to celebrate with young girls from Othaya, Nyeri County and honoured to speak about menstrual hygiene management, sustainable menstruation and sustainable period products. During our open session, all of the young girls in attendance unanimously agreed that they were introduced to use of disposable pads with very minimal knowledge of existing available sustainable options.

We were glad to have introduced reusable washable pads and menstrual cups for the first time to the girls and many were amazed at the different possibilities that a menstrual cup provided. The session of the use of menstrual cups was keenly followed and we knew for sure some of them were looking forward to trying the product.

As we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child 2021, and in line with the dedicated theme ”Digital generations. Our generation.” we urge all like minded individuals to help young girls build their confidence at an early age and support them in their move to take up space in the digital generation. Building confidence will help young girls in voicing their concerns which will in turn lead to achieving an equal future for all. Indeed, it is in only through confidence that we build action.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child!