Project Somesha celebrates MHDAY 2023 at Olooserain Primary School in Kajiado County

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023 was widely celebrated around the world by different stakeholders.

Project Somesha had the opportunity to explore sustainable solutions with 40 young girls from Olooserian Primary School in Kajiado County. Our key subject matter during our sessions is sustainable menstruation and sustainable menstrual products; menstrual cups and washable pads.

Nearly all the girls at this school, as well as all the other schools we have visited are fascinated by the menstrual cup. A menstrual cup is a small, flexible cup made of rubber or medical grade silicone that is put into the vagina to collect period fluid. It falls under the category of reusable menstrual products. We are committed to ensuring that both menstruators and non-menstruators have a grasp about sustainable menstrual products and get to envision the future of periods.

After our session with the young girls in Olooserian we believe they are empowered to speak about menstruation without fear and effortlessly talk about issues that might affect them.

This year’s theme was “Making menstruation a normal fact of life by 2030”

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