Daughter and Guardian Workshop 2021

”Conversation  around menstruation should be normalized”

This is what is often said but rarely do we stop and self-question, ”Am I normalising the conversation?”

At Project Somesha, we have built a culture of having period conversations with young girls and their guardians. Guardians in many cases are the first hand source of information on matters menstruation and menstrual products choices. We realised that for us to have a discussion towards a green period, and make our engagements impactful, the guardians have to be informed and educated as well.

During our session, both young girls and guardians got to speak freely about their experiences. We used the opportunity to discuss what is menstruation and how it occurs, period pains, pre-menstrual syndrome, discomfort during periods, various options available  and how to use and how to keep oneself clean. This session was conducted by a certified menstrual trainer who also got to debunk some of menstrual myths and answer all the questions from guardians and parents.

The world is fast moving towards sustainable options in different industries like fashion, transport, FMCG and menstrual hygiene management is one vital area that should not be left behind. Giving young girls a chance to experience sustainable menstrual options is necessary so that they can be able to make informed choices on what they would like to use and how they can make their periods better for the environment.